SMS/ Email Service

SMS/ Email Service

SMS and e- mail services for promotion are equally important. It works both the cases of small scale business and large scale business. To site an example, if you add a novel product to your online store or you give some discounts to the product, everyone should know about this. Otherwise it will not give the results. So it is very important to give promotions through sms and e- mail.

Advantages of SMS

  • Small messages

SMS only contains limited number of words. Therefore, people can easily read the messages within few minutes.  

  • SMS is affordable

Sending sms is affordable for both large scale and small scale companies. Because if you want to invest for an advertisement, it will be very expensive. While, sending sms is cheap and effective.

  • Improved popularity

Through messages you can give much popularity to your business. That means, you can send messages related to your company’s product, service and quality. So more people become aware about your company and it increases the popularity and incredibility of your company.

Advantages of E- mail

  • Improve you brand recognition

By including the name, logo and images of your company while you send e- mail to the customers will make awareness about your company, product and services.  So it leads to enhance the popularity of your company and more people may attract towards your company.

  • Connect with your customers

When you send e- mails to your customer on regular basis it maintains a healthy relationship among you and your customer. So your customer feels a trust to your company and they definitely return back to your business and they may suggest your product and services to their friends.

  • Educate your customers

Through e- mail you get a platform to spread updates about your goods and services. You can inform about your new products and services to your customer. So they can update their knowledge regarding your company and it help to improve the incredibility of your company. And your customers definitely back to your business when they want any products.

We hope now you get a basic knowledge regarding sending sms and e- mail for the promotion of your company. We citymapia send bulk sms and e- mail for the promotion of your business. Our specialities are 5 years of experience, cost effective and customized service, powerful platform, 24*7 hours working and dedicated team.