Citymapia Vs Google Business Profile

Citymapia Vs Google Business Profile

Citymapia is a Business Platform for Digital Success that can be used to generate Business.   A dynamic & advanced tool which comes into play with a comprehensive range of services including web development, branding, SEO, eCommerce, digital marketing, and restaurant solutions. Citymapia is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the digital realm and achieve success. Citymapia works as a Hyperlocal Social Marketplace that helps you to get all the information you need (and more) without stepping out of your home.  

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool for businesses to manage their online presence and Businesses to be visible on a Google Search. With GMB, businesses can create a profile  that includes important information about their business such as address, phone number, website, hours of operation, Reviews from customers and other relevant details. GMB profile can be said as the first and essential step for any business looking to establish an online presence and attract potential customers.  

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital presence, Google My Business has been a trusted ally for businesses seeking local search visibility. But what if we told you that Citymapia offers not just the same, but much more? 

Business Profile: 

GMB: Create a detailed business profile with accurate information about your business, including name, address, phone number, website, and business hours. 

Citymapia : City pages are your mini website. Not only can your audience get to see your Profile but also you get enquiries through the web page. Anyone who visits your page can get the complete idea of your work, with accurate information about your business, including name, address, phone number, website, business hours and much more on a single page. 

Profile Verification: 

GMB: Your Business Profile may take a long time to complete verification process after creation. 

Citymapia : Instant Verification, so you may save time.   

Local Search Visibility:  

GMB: Improve local search visibility by optimizing your GMB profile with relevant keywords related to your business. 

Citymapia: Citymapia also boost your local search visibility by optimizing your profile, Citymapia is not just a directory; it's a thriving marketplace where locals connect, share, and discover. We've created a digital hub for all hyperlocal things. We can also do Customized SEO through Citymapia 

Map Listing: 

GMB: Ensure your business location appears accurately on Google Maps, making it easy for customers to find and navigate to your physical location. 

Citymapia : Citymapia goes beyond the basics; it ensures your business location is not just accurate but optimized for the best customer experience. Our platform ensures that your business location is not just on the map but precisely placed for easy identification. 

Customer Reviews: 

GMB: Encourage and manage customer reviews on your GMB listing. Positive reviews can boost your credibility and attract more customers. 

Citymapia : Encourage and manage customer reviews on your listing, positive reviews become your digital currency, attracting customers seeking authenticity and excellence. 

Photos and Videos: 

GMB: showcasing your products, services, and the distinctive interior and exterior facets through the lens of high-quality photos and videos. 

Citymapia :  Showcase unlimited number of your products, services, and the interior/exterior of your business through high-quality photos and videos to create a visually appealing profile. 

Insights and Analytics: 

GMB: Utilize the Insights section to track the performance of your GMB listing, including views, searches, and customer actions, to make informed decisions. 

Citymapia :  Citymapia Business page in-built with analytics which helps you to know the page visits of your business page in Citymapia. 

We get a brief view of the business page’s traffic analysis sources. In simple words, the way or medium through which your users visit your business page  

The number of users that came to your business page through Facebook, Google Citypage(Citymapia Business Page), Instagram, WhatsApp, Bing, other websites etc. 

 As additional information, you also get exact data on the  

1. Total number of clicks at individual pages on the business page 

2. The country from where your visitors visited 

3. The cities(approx) from where you visitors visited 

4. The devices your visitors use 

5. Your business page or the product/service page’s link which is recently visite 

6. Referrer here shows the source (Google, Facebook etc) that directed to this link 

7. Location details, IP address, Device details etc of the visitor. If this visitor has registered with you once, then you could also see their name 

8. Time and date at which the last visitor visited your business page 

Google My Business Website: 

GMB: Create a simple website for free using the GMB platform, providing a basic online presence if you don't have a dedicated website. 

Citymapia : Citypages emerge as powerful mini websites, presenting a holistic snapshot of your business. Not only do they serve as a visual window for your audience, but they also facilitate direct connections by enabling inquiries directly on the page. 

Benefits of Citypages 

Complete Business Overview: Your citypage acts as a condensed portfolio, offering a comprehensive insight into your works. 

Effortless Connection: Visitors can seamlessly enquire and connect with you without navigating through multiple pages. 

Key Business Information: Display vital details such as your business name, address, Location, Reviews, Products / Services Details, Gallery, phone number, website, and operating hours—all neatly consolidated on a single page. 

SEO Optimized Pages: Business happens when you reach the person who needs your service. Search engines like google help with that. If your website gets ranked in Google, you will have genuine leads 

 Citymapia’s Citypages gives you 

1. Search Engine Optimized pages- where pages in your Citymapia business profile get ranked 

2. Business page that targets your nearby city.  


GMB: Enable the messaging feature to allow customers to directly communicate with your business through the GMB platform. 

Citymapia : Enable audiences to shop what they want from you or motivate them to do business with you 

Citymapia’s Citypage gives you 

1. Common Enquiry option for all your queries 

2. Individual Product/Services Enquiry option for specific queries 


GMB: Share updates, promotions, events, and other relevant content through GMB posts to engage with your audience and keep them informed. 

Citymapia : Keep your audience informed with the latest updates. Share news, promotions, adding Photos, videos, news/offers/events,writing blogs,and upcoming events to create a vibrant and engaged community. 

Product and Service Listings: 

GMB: Showcase your products and services on your GMB profile, including detailed descriptions and pricing information. 

Citymapia : Showcase your diverse array of products and services with detailed descriptions and transparent pricing information, creating a compelling narrative for your audience. 

Google Ads Integration: 

GMB: Connect your GMB listing to Google Ads to enhance your online advertising efforts and reach a wider audience. 

Citymapia : We can also connect your Citymapia Business Listings to Google Ads

Additional Benefits you get through Citymapia : 

Mini-CRM: We have Mini - CRM designed to help businesses manage their interactions with current and potential customers. It is a comprehensive solution that typically includes features for contact management, lead tracking, sales management, customer support, and more. 

Multiple Team Management: You can add your team to manage the business profile/mini website you have made. Here You can assign specific roles and responsibilities to team members for Timely Updates and Maintenance Keeps the business profile current and responsive to changes, ensuring a positive user experience. 

Digital Visiting Card: Citymapia offers a Digital Visiting Card - your digital identity. 

QR Code: Through Citymapia we can create QR code for your Business as same as GMB.

Social Media Links can be added to your Business Profile: Easily add your social media links to your Citymapia Business Profile. Amplify your online presence with just a click 

Bulk SMS & Mail, WhatsApp Integration: This can be said as an extension to the Mini-CRM system we have talked earlier. Bulk mails, SMS and Whatsapp messages can be send to the contacts from this system. All you need is to integrate your bulk messaging platforms to the Citymapia system.

Chat AI : In the coming times, AI is the trend. Citymapia has an in-built AI to help your customers reach you for your products and services.

Citymapia Mobile App : You can effortlessly develop, manage, and monitor your business through the Citymapia mobile app – no need for a laptop. 

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