Citymapia is one of the first and largest portals for hyperlocal discovery in different parts of the world.

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1 Million

Every year we help 1 Million users find the latest information about local businesses in their city.

200+ Cities

Since 2010, we’ve brought 200+ cities online to help you find the best restaurants, shopping centers, local businesses, and more in your city.

Our Story

The last decade can simply be called the ‘digital transformation’ era. More users started shopping online, making it hard for small businesses to cope up.

Hailing from a tier-II city in India, our team started working on removing the biggest hurdle for small businesses to get online - lack of technical expertise to manage their online profiles. Using our expertise and technology, we built Citymapia.

Citymapia helps local businesses to get online within minutes. Consumers can discover the best in their city and connect with local businesses to fulfill their needs, locally.

Our Purpose

Supporting small businesses and communities for sustainable growth, locally!


How it works?

Citymapia works as a Hyperlocal Social Marketplace that helps you to get all the info you need (and more) without stepping out of your home.

Stay close to the latest happenings, events and news in your city in the easiest way possible – through a social media-style city feed for you to scroll through all the information from real businesses in your city.

  • Discover the best in your city.
  • Source products & services nearby.
  • Connect with reliable local businesses.
Local Business
  • Improve your local reach & visibility.
  • Get qualified local leads at no cost.
  • Find new customers near you.

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