Know your ‘Future Customers’ with Citymapia Business Page- See How!

Know your ‘Future Customers’ with Citymapia Business Page- See How!

For online businesses, it is users who turn to leads which in turn change to customers.

To plan how to turn the users into customers, one should start from their users. So this blog is specifically dedicated to all digital marketers, business development executives, business owners and other professionals who are so interested in their clients and client activities. Now, all of these people could have a clear view of their audience with the Citymapia Business page.

Digital Marketing brings in more users! Different methods under digital marketing such as SEO Services, Social Media Marketing etc are ways you can choose. Whatever method you choose, the focus of each service is bringing new leads to your business, satisfy your existing customer needs and connecting them right away.

Not every online marketing method can give you the expected results! And no one can guarantee if the digital marketing strategy you use could result in success! But knowing a few details regarding your business can help in the success of the chosen digital marketing strategy. 

A few basics to start with when doing online marketing is to know-

1. Who your users are?

2. From where do your users come from?

3. What product or service you have is most popular?

4. Where your users are located?

5. How often users search for you?

To get started with these questions, you need accurate data in numbers that the above questions talk about. Because as the famous statistician, Edwards Deming said

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.”

And to find the exact data, you need a friendly tool that gives you the exact data on the numbers that the above questions talk about. 

Getting that friendlier tool is easy when you have the Citymapia Business Page!

The first thing you need to do is to create a Citymapia Business Page(just like- )

Here you have the Citymapia Business page in-built with analytics which helps you answer the above questions and in turn, helps you to come with an online marketing plan.

Hoping now that you know about Citymapia Business Page. Now let us go to the analytics of the page.

This is what you see when you click on the analytics in your administration dashboard of the page!

As you can see, this page will talk about the page visits of your business page in Citymapia.

Right now the page visits are shown in a listing mode which is indicated by the ‘List’ button shown. Later we can click on the ‘Graph’ to have a look at the graphical view of visitors

The date is automatically set showing data of the last 30 days from now. Based on this same time period, you can get the exact numbers of total visitors (given at the right end) . 

You can edit and set the date to see the history of visitors for more than the last 30 days by clicking the filter button on the right side.