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Sales Manager
Job location : Kottayam

We are looking forward to a sales manager who has experience in the field of sales and should establish the goals and meet targets to grow the existing client account base. The candidate should be highly motivated, adaptable and who should possess good communication skills and decision-making ability. If you have the potential in sales fields, why not think about a career in Sales field.

SEO specialist
Job location : Kottayam

We are looking forward a highly motivated and potential SEO specialist who should manage all search engine optimization and marketing activities. You also will be responsible to manage all SEO activities like content strategy, link developing and keyword strategy to enhance the ranking on networks like Google. You should also responsible to execute test, collect and analyze data, identify trends and insight in order to obtain high ROI in paid search campaigns and also optimize copy and landing pages for search engine marketing. Additionally, you should recommend modifications to website design, content to enhance the SEO places for targeting keywords.

Marketing executive
Job location : Perumbaikad, Sankranthi, Opposite More Supermarket Kottayam - 686016 Kerala

If you have ability to speak spontaneously, interpersonal skills and experience in commercial field, we offer marketing executive career for you. We are looking for marketing executive people, who are highly motivated and experienced.  As a marketing executive, you should create awareness and develop brand you are marketing, high communication ability with the customers, decision making ability, help in marketing plans, advertisement, organise and attend conferences, seminars and exhibitions. If you are perfect match for us, please apply for the position.